*Same price for both 40 W and 75 W*

Using proprietary technology and a clean, modern, compact design, SaniLume directs germicidal UVC light to a narrow zone safely above people’s heads. Rising air currents within the room are amplified by our fixture and cycle the air through the germ-killing zone many times per hour.

Germicidal Ultraviolet-C Technology

Upper-room UVC (sometimes called upper-room GUV) technology has been used by hospitals and the medical field for decades. This tested and trusted sanitizing technology uses germicidal UVC light which neutralizes and eliminates pathogens that pass through the UV treatment field. (Including COVID-19 pathogens.) This technology is now available to the public and is ideal for schools, long-term care homes, retirement residences, offices – and anywhere people share space.

“Upper Room GUV is the most effective method of continuously disinfecting occupied spaces.”

– Illuminating Engineering Society


We All Share The Same Air

The pandemic has created a heightened awareness of germs, bacteria, and viruses. The WHO, CDC and Health Canada have confirmed COVID-19 transmission is largely through tiny aerosol droplets that linger in the air we breathe – for hours.

UVC Eliminates Pathogens

With the proper use, UVC can efficiently neutralize bacteria and viruses. Germicidal UV (GUV) has been widely used for nearly one hundred years specifically for this purpose. SaniLume has taken this GUV technology to the next level, providing a convenient and attractive solution that can disinfect the air in a 20’ x 20’ area about every 2 minutes. SaniLume is safe to operate while people (including children) are in the space and provides peace of mind to everyone, knowing the air is being continuously treated.

Tried & Tested

The world’s main governing body for lighting (IES) states that “upper room air UVC is by far the most effective way to eliminate airborne pathogens.” With ultra-quiet fans and adjustable apertures to direct the UVC light, SaniLume is the most effective upper-room air GUV on the market.

Create 24/7 air disinfection for common areas, classrooms, resident suites, gyms, offices and more with a simple, quick installation.

People Safe Pathogen Inactivation Zone

Using proprietary technology and clean modern compact design, UVC light is directed to a narrow zone safely above people’s heads. Rising convection currents within the room are greatly amplified by our fixture and cycle the air through the pathogen elimination zone many times per hour

Continuous Air Flow and Disinfection


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