CONTACT FOR PRICING – ONYX Air Purifier is one of the World’s Most Advanced Standalone, Premium, Commercial-Grade Air Purifiers.
This whisper quiet unit can move a lot of air and uses a proprietary 6 stage filtration system that captures, destroys viruses and pathogens and finally energizes a high quality air with negative ions.

ONYX Air Purifier

The ONYX is a sleek, robust wall mount air purification system best suited for commercial washrooms, hotel rooms, condominiums and much more. It can cover up to 700 SQFT of space.

The clean lines, off-white or matte black coloring, slim profile, honed corners, and rectangle figure gives the ONYX a contemporary sleek modern appeal.

The ONYX Air Purifier has unparalleled performance with real-time air quality monitoring, VOC indicator, PM 2.5, humidity monitor, remote control access and a firemans safety lock feature.

Air Flow Performance – Engineered to maximize the air change rate by moving large volumes while keeping the sound volume at an industry-leading low level.

The ONYX air purification system utilizes Surgically Clean Air’s powerful six-stage air-purifying filtration system which captures a wide range of pollutants that are found in the indoor air in workplaces and residences.

DIMENSIONS (D) 17.7 in x (H) 29.5 in | (D) 45cm x (H) 75cm
CUBIC FEET / MIN (CFM) 125 | 195 | 238
SOUND LEVEL (Measured at 6ft) Low: <30dB (A) | High: 55dB (A)
Pre-Filter YES
POWER 120V, 60Hz
WEIGHT 41.6lbs | 18.6kgs
Ultrafine Particulate Filter YES
Activated Carbon Filter YES
Germicidal UV-C+ Bulbs YES
Hydroxyl Radical Reactivity Chamber YES (Permanent)
Revitalizing Negative ION Chamber YES (Permanent)




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