Motorists and pedestrians alike rely heavily on parking lot markings for guidance and positioning. If line markings aren’t cohesive, your customers may be confused as to where to park or where they can safely walk. This can lead to accidents, illegal parking in fire zones, and blocked entryways.

If the parking lot line painting is incorrect, it should be repainted and corrected immediately to comply with local regulations. After all, as a property owner, you can be held liable for any accident that occurs if your parking lot markings are not clear.

We can paint anything required to complete your parking lot project:

  • Parking stall lines
  • Pedestrian crossings
  • Symbols for specialty parking spots (reserved for specific tenants, disabled, pickup only, electric car, expectant mothers, etc.)
  • Directional arrows
  • Fire lanes

Not all surfaces are the same however, given that outdoor parking lots and indoor parking garages have very different surfaces, the expert crews at Skyview Inc need to take a different approach to paint line-markings accordingly.

Outdoor Parking Lot Surfaces

Most outdoor parking lots have an asphalt surface. As most people know, asphalt has a rougher, more porous finish that makes it difficult for most regular paints to bond to. It’s also prone to expansion and contraction under extreme fluctuations in temperature.

Because of this, parking lot marking paint needs to be compliant enough to bond to a rougher surface and have the elasticity to expand and contract with the pavement.

If you are interested in scheduling our Outdoor Parking Lot Line Painting service, contact our experts at Skyview today for a free quote.

Indoor Parking Garage Surfaces

Most indoor parking garages have a smooth concrete finish as its parking surface. Given that these surfaces are indoors, they do not experience the same fluctuations in temperature that outdoor parking lots do.

Although parking garage marking paint doesn’t need the same levels of elasticity, the paint needs to be able to bond to a smoother surface in order to have a longer lifespan and continue to look great for years to come.

Contact our team of Indoor Parking Garage Surface experts today to schedule an appointment or receive a free quote. Call us at (306) 978-6552.

We’re local. Your neighborhood is our neighborhood, and we want you to have the best and safest parking lot / parking garage possible! If you want to keep your property and motorists safe, it’s time to invest in good quality road markings for your outdoor parking lot or parking garage.

Remember, collisions and accidents can cost you money and increase your insurance premiums. Investing in safe driving with visible line-markings that will last on your parking lot or indoor parking garage is the best way to save money.

For all of your parking lot striping and road safety needs, the parking lot experts at Skyview Inc are here to help. Contact Skyview today for a free quote and lets keep your parking lot looking clean, organized and safe.

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