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//lot cleaning


Servicing Saskatoon & Central Saskatchewan

Skyview provides comprehensive cleanup and sweeping services to commercial and retail businesses on a regular basis in Saskatoon. We understand that first impressions matter when a new client or employee visits your property, so we at Skyview help you make the best impression possible. Our fleet is available day and night to fit your unique scheduling needs.


Clean parking lots give customers, residents, or employees a more positive impression of your business or property. The parking lot is the entryway to your business and is the first thing people see when they arrive.

Skyview is able to quickly remove foreign objects and debris, leaving your parking lots or garages looking pristine. Our parking lot sweeping services cover shopping malls, strip centers, apartment buildings, office and industrial parks, commercial parking garage, parking garage decks and so much more!

As a local business in Saskatoon, you want to provide the best experience for your customers and employees. That means you’ll need to make sure your properties are clean and inviting, day in and day out.

  • Commercial property
  • Apartment parking lots
  • Municipal outdoor parking
  • Office & Industrial Parks
  • Medical Buildings and Clinics
  • Underground parking
  • Parking Garage
  • And Much More!

We are happy to discuss our Commercial Sweeping services with you, and if you have any questions or would like to receive a free quote, please do not hesitate to contact us today!

//line painting

Asphalt Line Painting


Motorists and pedestrians alike rely heavily on parking lot markings for guidance and positioning. If line markings aren’t cohesive, your customers may be confused as to where to park or where they can safely walk. This can lead to accidents, illegal parking in fire zones, and blocked entryways.

If the parking lot line painting is incorrect, it should be repainted and corrected immediately to comply with local regulations. After all, as a property owner, you can be held liable for any accident that occurs if your parking lot markings are not clear.

We can paint anything required to complete your parking lot project:

  • Parking stall lines
  • Pedestrian crossings
  • Symbols for specialty parking spots (reserved for specific tenants, disabled, pickup only, electric car, expectant mothers, etc.)
  • Directional arrows
  • Fire lanes

Not all surfaces are the same however, given that outdoor parking lots and indoor parking garages have very different surfaces, the expert crews at Skyview Inc need to take a different approach to paint line-markings accordingly.

Outdoor Parking Lot Surfaces

Most outdoor parking lots have an asphalt surface. As most people know, asphalt has a rougher, more porous finish that makes it difficult for most regular paints to bond to. It’s also prone to expansion and contraction under extreme fluctuations in temperature.

Because of this, parking lot marking paint needs to be compliant enough to bond to a rougher surface and have the elasticity to expand and contract with the pavement.

If you are interested in scheduling our Outdoor Parking Lot Line Painting service, contact our experts at Skyview today for a free quote.

Indoor Parking Garage Surfaces

Most indoor parking garages have a smooth concrete finish as its parking surface. Given that these surfaces are indoors, they do not experience the same fluctuations in temperature that outdoor parking lots do.

Although parking garage marking paint doesn’t need the same levels of elasticity, the paint needs to be able to bond to a smoother surface in order to have a longer lifespan and continue to look great for years to come..

Contact our team of Indoor Parking Garage Surface experts today to schedule an appointment or receive a free quote. Call us at (306) 978-6552.

We’re local. Your neighborhood is our neighborhood, and we want you to have the best and safest parking lot / parking garage possible! If you want to keep your property and motorists safe, it’s time to invest in good quality road markings for your outdoor parking lot or parking garage.

Remember, collisions and accidents can cost you money and increase your insurance premiums. Investing in safe driving with visible line-markings that will last on your parking lot or indoor parking garage is the best way to save money.

For all of your parking lot striping and road safety needs, the parking lot experts at Skyview Inc are here to help. Contact Skyview today for a free quote and lets keep your parking lot looking clean, organized and safe.

//lawn maintenance

Residential & Commercial Lawn Care and Property Maintenance

Services Throughout Saskatoon and Saskatchewan

Skyview Inc. specializes in lawn care services and property maintenance services for residential and commercial clients throughout Saskatchewan.

Lawn care can include lawn mowing, lawn weed control, aeration, overseeding, power-raking, and more.  Property maintenance services can include lawn care, garden bed clean outs and maintenance, shrub and bush trimming, litter pick-up, parking lot sweeping, and line painting.

Residential Lawn Maintenance

Skyview Inc. provides residential lawn services with care and attention to detail. Our lawn maintenance services range from lawn mowing to tree trimming to fertilization. If you are interested in scheduling regular landscaping and lawn care services, contact our experts at Skyview today for a free quote. At Skyview it is our goal to keep your lawn green, vibrant, healthy, and free of weeds. Our team provides regular services designed to ensure that your lawn stays looking its best year-round.

Commercial Lawn Maintenance

A healthy, well-groomed lawn is important to your business image and important to your bottom line. Your commercial lawn requires vigilant care and regular maintenance to stay green, full, and healthy. Skyview has the manpower, resources, and expertise to tackle even the largest of properties. From spring clean-ups, to weekly maintenance, to fertilizer and weed control, we can handle it all. Scheduling regular maintenance with Skyview Inc. allows you to maintain a beautiful and professional business exterior.

Contact our team of lawn care experts today to schedule an appointment or receive a free quote. Call us at (306) 978-6552.

We’re local. Your neighborhood is our neighborhood, and we want you to have the best lawn on the block! During the spring, summer, and fall in Saskatchewan, lawn maintenance should be high on your list of priorities as you try to get your garden looking the part.

Whether at home or within a commercial property, a well-maintained lawn is a standout feature that can make or break a garden’s appearance. We provide residential and commercial lawn care services in Saskatchewan year-round.

Contact Skyview today for a free quote and lets keep your lawn healthy and looking beautiful.



Servicing Saskatoon & Central Saskatchewan

If you have property in Saskatoon or Central Saskatchewan that you are ready to develop, contact Skyview today. With over 20 years of experience, we offer a full range of services including laser grading, professional skid steer work, hauling, and excavation. We service all commercial, residential and acreage properties. We also specialize in final grades, topsoil spreads, snow removal, excavating, screw piles, concrete pad prep or removal, post holes & piles, demolition services and much more.

We Specialize In:

  • Earthwork and Excavation
  • Graveling and Finish Grading
  • Topsoil Stripping and Grading
  • Water, Sanitary & Storm Sewer
  • Demolitions and Concrete Removal
  • Loading and hauling
  • Road and driveway construction
  • Ponds and dugouts
  • Snow Removal

Residential Demolition and Excavation in Saskatoon

At Skyview we offer excavating and demolition work even in the cold winter months. Our experienced crew are happy to offer our services year-round, and no matter the season, you can trust us to complete your project on-time and on-budget. Contact us today for a free quote on projects such as:

  • Basement excavation
  • Demolition
  • Winter excavation
  • Trenching

Commercial Excavation and Landscaping in Saskatoon

At Skyview all of our excavation projects are done with care and attention to detail. We have the equipment and over 20 years of experience to offer year-round excavation. Contact us today for all your commercial excavation services. We offer year-round services such as:

  • Lot development
  • Site remediation
  • Street excavation
  • Earth moving
  • Snow removal
  • Grade beam excavation
  • Mechanical trench excavation

//Sanitizing and disinfection

Manitoba and Saskatchewan


Contact us now at 204-253-2355 or 306-715-8717 to immediately improve your air quality.

Improve your indoor air quality immediately and kill viruses, bacteria, mold by using our fogging services.

Germs spread fast. We have seen how contagious viruses can be with the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) which can last for days on some surfaces. Proper disinfection is critical to safeguard yourself and your loved ones. This applies to both households as well as workplaces and offices.

It is critical to sanitize tables, desks, fixtures, doors, frames and all touch points.  Fogging is currently the most effective way to ensure that areas where bacteria live are covered in ways that a spray bottle and cloth can’t.

We will safely disinfect and sanitize your office, facility, home, store, faculty

Our equipment and products allow us to tackle any job, big or small, quickly and effectively without requiring you to leave your home or have your business shut down because of toxic chemicals. The products we use are biodegradable and nontoxic in any form to humans, pets, or aquatic life, whether being used as a spray or a fog.

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is currently all over the news as it has taken over so many countries. This is essentially a respiratory illness which is being caused by a new virus, for which a vaccine is still being studied. With the global spread of the Coronavirus everybody has started to become more vigilant about the need to disinfect as well as carry out deep cleaning.

Sadly this virus spreads easily and this is evident from the thousands of infected people in many countries across the world, as well as the deaths that resulted.

Our Coronavirus deep cleaning service is comprehensive. We understand the importance of sanitizing properly all surfaces, touch points, desks, computers, doors, kitchens, floors, any equipment and furniture.

Needless to say this is a rigorous process that calls for a commitment to be as thorough as possible. The sanitizing process also includes a full fogging service.

Dealing with the Coronavirus

Viruses and harmful bacteria are becoming more dangerous and the need for homeowners, businesses and individuals to take more precautions is going to be paramount. With practicing proper individual hygiene, regular and thorough disinfecting and sanitizing in our homes and businesses we can resist and potentially eliminate future pandemics like the Coronavirus.

//window cleaning



Commercial Window Cleaning Year Round

Skyview Window Cleaning is available for high and low rise commercial cleaning in Saskatoon, and other locations around Saskatchewan.

Skyview Window Cleaning has worked for over 10 years in Saskatchewan and 25 years in Manitoba on long term commercial contracts, with an abundance of satisfied clients.

Residential Window Cleaning

Skyview offers both Interior & Exterior Window Cleaning Services. Clean windows are important in maintaining the value and beauty of your home.

Annual Maintenance Program

When it comes to regular home maintenance, Skyview Cleaning Inc. can provide peace of mind.

Sign up for our annual maintenance program and Skyview will take care of interior/exterior window cleaning, house and surface washing, eaves cleaning and snow removal. Get a free quote to keep your home’s exterior professionally maintained year-round.

//Eaves and high


Commercial High Cleaning

Get one reliable contractor working on all your high cleaning needs, from ceiling dusting to eave cleaning.

Clean windows are just the start of a well maintained, attractive building for both tenants and guests. Skyview Window Cleaning has the equipment and experience for any high rise cleaning, including ceiling dusting, interior window washing and eaves cleaning.

Our employees are trained, bonded and insured for any high cleaning in industrial or commercial buildings. We can provide quotes for comprehensive cleaning contracts of all your commercial or industrial properties, or for one time cleaning, both interior and exterior.

Residential Eaves Cleaning

Eaves cleaning is essential to home maintenance. Without thorough and regular cleaning, water cannot flow properly and could cause damage to the eaves or cause water to overflow and even flood your basement.

We recommend eaves cleaning twice per year: spring time (before the heavy rains) and fall (after the leaves have fallen). Our technicians will make every effort to minimize hassle and maximize convenience.

Why not have your eaves cleared at the same time we wash your windows? Contact us today for a quick combined quote. Be sure to include the number of stories in your home, the date you want them done by and if needed the number of windows to be cleaned and we’ll get back to you with a free estimate.

//pressure washing



Take years off the look of your building with Skyview pressure washing services.

Our high powered pressure washing equipment is perfect for removing dirt and grime that accumulates on commercial buildings. With gleaming, streak-free windows, you’ll want to improve the look of your exterior walls and walkways too!


Residential pressure washing services include cleaning some types of exterior siding, walkways, garage floors and driveways. Get in touch with us to find out if your siding can be pressure washed, and we can include a quote for exterior cleanup along with your window washing.

  • Our professional team always takes precautions to treat your exterior surfaces with care
  • We've worked with a range of commercial and residential siding materials
  • We will provide our professional opinion if your siding can benefit from pressure washing

//snow removal




We understand what it’s like to manage snow in Saskatchewan. We live here too! Skyview provides exceptional residential snow removal services.

Our team is constantly tracking weather activity to anticipate major snow events. From overnight ice to steady snowfalls, we are ready to respond when you need us.

You can count on Skyview for all of your snow and ice management needs.  Whether you’re a residential customer looking to have your driveway cleared or you run a local business and need your parking lot, walkways, and entrances cleared, our team of experienced staff and reliable equipment is ready to serve you.

Living in Saskatchewan, it should come as no surprise that Snow removal is one of our most sought after services. If you’re tired of shoveling snow or you need help managing a larger area like a parking lot, our experts are available to help. We can handle the snow removal for residential and commercial properties, so you can get the help you need right away.

Why the Snow Must be Removed

As pretty as it is, snow can be dangerous. It can cover up sidewalks, walkways, and driveways, leading to a higher chance of someone slipping or cars crashing. When it begins to melt, it can freeze into ice on walkways and driveways, increasing the potential for serious injuries. Snow that is removed quickly won’t cause these problems, keeping everyone safer around the home or business. This can also help limit your liability, as it reduces the chance that someone will be injured by falling on your property.

Why Get Professional Help for Removal

Of course, home and business owners have the option of removing snow on their own, but hiring the pros is often a better option. Our experts can quickly remove the snow from your property, ensuring it is safe for pedestrians or drivers. We can handle the snow removal for walkways, driveways, parking lots, and more. This saves you quite a bit of time, as you don’t have to shovel all the snow on your own, and can ensure you stay nice and warm inside your home or business while the snow’s removed.

We would like to thank you for considering our snow clearing services. We offer both seasonal packages or one-time clearing depending on your needs.

Please contact us today for a free quote.