Improve your indoor air quality immediately and kill viruses, bacteria, mold by using our fogging services.

Germs spread fast. We have seen how contagious viruses can be with the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) which can least for days on some surfaces. Proper disinfection is critical to safeguard yourself and your loved ones. This applies to both households as well as workplaces and offices.

It is critical to sanitize tables, desks, fixtures, doors, frames and all touch points.  Fogging is currently the most effective way to ensure that areas where bacteria live are covered in ways that a spray bottle and cloth can’t.

We will safely disinfect and sanitize your office, facility, home, store, faculty

Our equipment and products allow us to tackle any job, big or small, quickly and effectively without requiring you to leave your home or have your business shut down because of toxic chemicals. The products we use are biodegradable and nontoxic in any form to humans, pets, or aquatic life, whether being used as a spray or a fog.

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is currently all over the news as it has taken over so many countries. This is essentially a respiratory illness which is being caused by a new virus, for which a vaccine is still being studied. With the global spread of the Coronavirus everybody has started to become more vigilant about the need to disinfect as well as carry out deep cleaning.

Sadly this virus spreads easily and this is evident from the thousands of infected people in many countries across the world, as well as the deaths that resulted.

Our Coronavirus deep cleaning service is comprehensive. We understand the importance of sanitizing properly all surfaces, touch points, desks, computers, doors, kitchens, floors, any equipment and furniture.

Needless to say this is a rigorous process that calls for a commitment to be as thorough as possible. The sanitizing process also includes a full fogging service.

Dealing with the Coronavirus

Viruses and harmful bacteria are becoming more dangerous and the need for homeowners, businesses and individuals to take more precautions is going to be paramount. With practicing proper individual hygiene, regular and thorough disinfecting and sanitizing in our homes and businesses we can resist and potentially eliminate future pandemics like the Coronavirus.

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